Learn Hand Drums

Learn how to play hand drums such as the congas and bongos with Edgardo Cambon in these video lessons for beginner, intermediate and advanced players.

Conga drums have their roots traced to a combination of African and Spanish origins in the Caribbean. Known in Cuba as the tumbadora, this South American instrument can be heard in all types of Latin music including salsa, rumba, merengue and reggae. Conga players are called congueros.

Bongo drums comprise two small, open-bottom hand drums connected by a wooden peck. The larger drum is referred to as the hembra, or female, and the smaller drum is referred to as the macho, or male. Developed in the Eastern region of Cuba during the 19th century, bongos are traditionally held behind the knees and played by striking the edge of the drumheads with the fingers and palms.


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